Episode 34

Talladega Nights: Shake And Bake, Screen and Jawn

If you ain't first, you're last!!

Will Ferrell represents again! Screen Jawns hosts Savannah Copeland and Maria Lubanovic sit down to talk about Talledega Nights!

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Episode 34 Info:


Savannah Copeland @scopeland605

Maria Lubanovic @marialubanovic

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Savannah Copeland

I'm a screenwriter, producer, and casting aficionado! You can catch me being dumb on the daily, watching Barry on HBO (Thank you, Bill Hader), and playing copious amounts of Animal Crossing and Minecraft! (Oh, and writing too, I guess)
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Maria Lubanovic

I'm a recent Ohio University grad with a love of TV, film, and electronic music. I specialize in production design and screenwriting. You can find me watering my plants, binge-watching Star Trek, or sewing a new cosplay.